Significantly reduces the time, cost and risk of getting business documents signed.

Safe, swift, secure digital signatures

The pace of technological change and a constant drive for digital transformation across all sectors is speeding up the adoption of digital signatures. eezi-Sign significantly reduces the time, cost and risk of getting business documents authorised; whether for internal processes, partner, supplier or customer-facing documentation - get your documents signed off in seconds.

Instantly authorize documents anywhere in the world

The time taken to get paper documents signed and returned often takes days, can be fraught with issues and lead to costly delays. eezi-Sign is elegant, easy to use and JMR Software’s web-based digital signature solution speeds up document approval from days to seconds.

eezi-Sign is platform independent and enables you to set up documents that can be digitally signed online and in real time. Fully auditable, it enables faster more secure approval, as well as reducing cost for print, postage and removes uncertainty of delivery failure.

Faster authorization, reduced costs and environmentally friendly

Exchanging your manual, paper-based processing with automated, digital signing processes will enable your organization to significantly reduce time and costs associated with reviewing and signing documents.

eezi-Sign doesn’t require electronic signature pads or other hardware devices. All you require is a browser, mobile phone and an internet connection – it’s so simple.

Enterprise strength, integrated digital signatures

eezi-Sign is easily integrated into your existing business critical applications and delivers an enterprise-scale, white labelled solution, for capturing digital signatures as part of your overall business processes.

Automating your end-to-end digital signing process, whilst maintaining full auditability, will provide many benefits to your organization. The ability to streamline the process of loading of documents, adding signatories and completing the signing procedure digitally, will enable you to speed up the authorization process, saving you significant time and money, in a secure and safe environment.

Why choose eeziSign

eeziSign offers many features and benefits including:

Time & Cost savings

Faster authorisation of critical documents, saving time, money and resource


A branded digital signature solution for your organisation


Easy integration with existing applications through an API


A cloud based solution with an easy to use management dashboard


The ability to produce legally binding digital signatures

Proof of Intent

A comprehensive audit trail

Customer Feedback

Attie Bouwer

COO - Momentum Retirement Administrators.

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Partner - Reingold & Tucker